Listen Online

How To Listen To KHYM

There are many ways to hear KHYM, no matter where you are! Click on the green buttons to be taken to the How-to on that device! 




Dodge City/Garden City/Liberal, KS – 103.9 FM
Dighton, KS – 107.3 FM
Elkhart, KS – 95.1 FM

Haviland, KS – 91.9 FM
Hugoton, KS – 91.7 FM
Healy, KS – 89.5 FM
Ness City – 92.5 FM

Scott City - 91.5 FM
Ulysses, KS – 94.3 FM



Keyes, OK – 90.1 FM
Felt, OK – 89.5 FM
Fairview, OK – 90.3 FM
Guymon, OK – 88.5 FM
Shattuck, OK – 91.5 FM
Woodward, OK – 90.7 FM



Lamar, CO - 91.9 FM


Perryton, TX – 90.1 FM



You Can Listen by computer or tablet by playing our online stream by simply CLICKING HERE!


Phone Apps

You can download the apps for Android and Apple phones that allow you to listen to and connect with KHYM. Completely Free!  


Smart Speakers


Amazon Alexa Devices

For Alexa speaker devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, etc.) use the KHYM Skill. The first time just say “Alexa, Enable KHYM”. Then every time after than say “Alexa, Play KHYM.” You know it works right when it starts with the KHYM Jingle. You can also enable the sill through the Alexa app or your account BY CLICKING HERE  A few Alexa enabled devices don't use the skills but you can still say “Alexa Listen to KHYM” and it will work.  


Google Home

You can now request for your Google Device to play KHYM.  This includes your Android phone as well as Google Smart Speakers.  Just say “Hey Google, Tell KHYM Radio to Play”.  Or "Talk to KHYM Radio." If you hear the KHYM Jingle at the start it worked correctly!



Apple Homepod

If you have the Tune In Radio app for IOS you can use that to listen to KHYM through your Apple Home Pod. The free version will work but the pay version allows you to create shortcuts that make it easier to access KHYM on your Homepod.